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I like you, you weird little human, you

I like to ask people questions. I like to know about their past and the details of their lives. I like seeing the path it took to get them exactly where they are today. And I don’t mean just the rich and successful people, I mean the regular people that I can relate to.

For example, when someone says “Oh yeah, but that was after my second divorce.” It’s like whoa! Wait a second. You’ve been divorced twice? That sounds like so much work and heartbreak and yet you’re still alive to tell the tale! That’s when I bust out a million questions and I’m like tell me what went wrong, tell me all about the break up, tell me this and that. It’s not that I like hearing about other people’s misery, I guess I just like knowing that we all go through similar hard times. I like being reminded that we’re all the same on the inside and we all feel the exact same emotions.

People can try to act tough or cool, but we’ve all cried and been hurt at some point. The best thing you can do in life is to reflect. Reflect on the choices you made and how you contributed to situations in your past. Once you realize your part and what you could’ve done better then you can start to establish a better future for yourself. You can learn to set boundaries in relationships and not make the same mistakes again. Life is trial and error. If your life isn’t what you want, then change it. You’re never “stuck” in any situation. If you’re still alive then there’s still time to live.

I also like talking to “entrepreneurs”. I put that word in quotes because I think everyone is an entrepreneur deep down. We all have ideas; most just don’t put them into action. Every person you meet has had some sort of dream, whether it’s starting their own restaurant, being a movie star, or creating the next Sham-wow. Those dreams just get lost during the day to day and the nine to five. I like hearing stories from those who have started their own businesses and failed. Again, I’m not some cold-hearted person that likes hearing about heartache, but I like knowing that people can fail and then pick right back up and start again. I love the idea of someone pouring their heart and soul into something and it doesn’t go as planned but they push against all odds and make their own path.

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The best kinds of people are the ones who have failed multiple times while starting their own business but yet they will still encourage you to follow your dreams. Be careful who you take advice from because there so many bitter people in the world ready to crush your dreams just like they did to their own. Don’t ever let someone who “tried” to do something once, tell you that it’s a horrible idea or it will never work. I hear people all the time say “don’t get married, it’s a horrible idea” or “don’t start a company, you’ll lose all your money”. It’s not marriage itself or being self-employed that’s wrong, it’s the fact that they failed to reflect on their choices. They didn’t do research, they didn’t take responsibility for their actions, and they didn’t ask for help. So, when someone tells you not to do something because it didn’t work for them ask them questions and ask them what they learned from it. It’s not about failing and running away, it’s about failing, learning, and moving forward with more knowledge than before. You’re always going to make mistakes and have regrets but the best kinds of people keep moving forward.

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